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Elevate your shower experience with the Coolang Dual Filtration Shower Head DIY Kit. This versatile shower head not only provides a refreshing high-pressure flow but also incorporates advanced filtration technology to ensure you have the cleanest and most invigorating shower possible.

Consist of (1) Coolang Shower Head + (3) Sediment Filter + (3) Vitamin Filter + (1) Eco-Flex Shower Hose

Dual Filtration for Purity: Our shower head filters tackle two common concerns. The sediment water filter removes impurities, making it ideal for well water users, while the vitamin shower filter infuses your water with beneficial nutrients for healthier skin and hair.
High-Pressure Bliss: With 192 ultra-fine holes, this shower head delivers a powerful and invigorating stream that revitalizes your senses. Experience high water pressure like never before, ensuring a luxurious shower every time.
Easy DIY Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installations. Our shower head with hose set requires no tools. You can easily assemble it and start enjoying a spa-like shower instantly.
Water Conservation: Save water without sacrificing water pressure. Our CEC-approved design ensures efficient water usage while maintaining a strong flow, contributing to both your comfort and the environment.
Certified Excellence: Our shower head sediment filters are NSF and RoHS certified, assuring you of their quality and safety. Trust in a product that meets rigorous industry standards.
Upgrade your shower routine with the COOLANG Dual Filtration Shower Head DIY Kit. Experience the benefits of purified water, high-pressure flow, and vitamin-enriched showers without any hassle. Transform your daily ritual into a spa-like escape with a product that's both practical and indulgent. Enjoy the luxury of a revitalizing shower with our advanced filtration shower head.