Korean Gochujang Making Kit | 다산명가 목민식서 쌀누룩고추장 DIY Kit - 나만의 고추장을 간편하게

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This Gochujang kit product is one that lets you create your gochujang, also known as Korean chili pepper paste. Gochujang is a healthy, traditional fermented food product of Korea that is made in combination of beans, rice yeast, chili pepper powder, salt, and fermented herbs. What sets this kit aside from other gochujang in the market, however, is that this kit contains ingredients that are beneficial for your health, is not spicy and that there are no chemicals or preservatives in any of the ingredients. This kit contains 180 grams of chili pepper powder, 45 grams of sea salt, 65 grams of fermented bean paste rice yeast powder, and 2 packets of 120 ml gochujang cooking syrup. To prepare the gochujang, all you need to do is mix all the ingredients in the kit along with 300 ml of water, let it sit for one night, and it will become ready for consumption. There is no need to set aside extra time for fermentation in the way traditional gochujang would be prepared, making the preparation process simple and short. However, as mentioned previously, because there are no chemical preservatives within any of the ingredients, the finished gochujang product must be refrigerated after one night of sitting out after its production. The finished gochujang is also missing the usual strong spice of regular gochujangs, which makes it favorable for children the elderly, or anyone else who cannot tolerate spice. Not only can this kit provide a fun and new experience of creating your gochujang, but it also acts as an inclusive option for those who cannot consume the usual traditional spicy Korean gochujang.


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