Royal Summit Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng

Eat The Company - Royal Summit Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng

Key Features:

Wild Simulated Ginseng: Our ginseng is meticulously cultivated using wild simulated methods, ensuring that it maintains the integrity of its natural environment, resulting in a product that is as close to wild ginseng as possible.

Halal Certified: We understand the importance of dietary preferences, which is why our Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng is Halal certified, providing peace of mind to our diverse clientele.

Aged to Perfection: Harvested at 5 years old, our ginseng boasts a perfect balance of maturity and potency, making it ideal for those seeking maximum health benefits.

Dehydrated Ginseng with No Nutrient Loss: Our patented dehydration technology ensures that the ginseng is dried without losing any of its precious nutrients, preserving its potent saponins and ginsenosides.

Exceptional Potency: With 7-10 times more saponins than regular ginseng and 4-5 times more than red ginseng, our Wild Simulated Ginseng is a powerhouse of health-enhancing compounds.

Anti-Inflammatory and Immunity Boosting: Rich in ginsenosides, this ginseng is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to bolster your immune system, helping you stay in the pink of health.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Our ginseng proudly carries the PGI label, indicating its origin and quality, so you can be confident in its authenticity.
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