FASCY Makeup Pouch


The FASCY Beauty Handle Pouch is the perfect way to carry makeup, toiletries, cosmetics or accessories on the go. Convenient pouch design with a zipper and handle allows for on-the-go convenience - take your essentials with you on trips. Plenty of room with a main compartment with an additional small elastic pouch. Size: 120 x 60 x 210mm

Three different cover designs to represent your style, pick the one that best represents you and your beauty.

Water resistant outer to protect your goods stored and keep items dry.

  • TRAVEL SIZED - Take your makeup, toiletries, and accessories on the go organized with the travel bag with handle design.
  • 3 DIFFERENT DESIGNS - Pick a design that most represents your beauty style!  Three different character designs on the front of the pouch.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Water resistant outer to protect and keep items stored inside dry.
  • INSIDE STORAGE - 1 Main Compartment With An Additional Small Elastic Pouch
  • STORAGE SIZE - 120 x 60 x 210mm