What's Included ?
Original Flower Tea sampler kit (8 types of original flower tea)

Various taste of 8 different colors and flavors flower tea will give you a special tea experience.


Marigold is a flower tea with a special scent and sweet taste and has beautiful yellow and orange flowers. It is the most popular flower tea in Korea.

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms bloom in spring and it represents the spring season. It is a lovely flower tea with pink flowers and features a subtle and sweet taste

Siberian chrysanthemum

Siberian chrysanthemum is a beautiful wild flower that bloom in fall. It has beautiful petals and bitter-sweet taste.


Cockscomb is passionate with red flowers. Have a try the savory and light taste of passionate flower tea

Magnolia kobus

Magnolia tea has a fragrant and sweet taste of yellow petals. We recommend magnolia for making it cold and drinking cold flower tea.


Everyone likes Chrysanthemum tea, which is the most familiar and popular flower tea all over the world. If you drink flower tea for the first time, We recommend chrysanthemum :)


Acacia, which features small flowers, is characterized by a subtle sweetness. Hope you can feel the attractive Acacia through flower tea.


Mugwort tea, which is popular among women, features a light bitter taste.


All of KKOKDAM Flower Tea products are

Made in Korea/ NO Caffeine/ NO sugar NO additives/ 100% hand-made  


How to Drink Flower Tea?

🌿 Pour hot water into the tea cup to heat and clean the cup

🌿 Discard the water and put the flower tea stick or flower tea in the cup  

🌿 Pour hot water over 95 degrees again (300ml)

🌿 While the tea is brewing, block the top of the cup so that it is blocked from cold air.

🌿 Please wait for 2~3 minutes.

🌿 Enjoy the rich taste and fragrant of flower tea with yout eyes, nose and mouth.