Pack of 2, Korean Bibimbap Dried Vegetable Mix - Mulberry leaf | 구례삼촌 영양 뽕잎나물 비빔밥 2 팩

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Korean Bibimbap Veggies Dried Vegetables Mix Korean Food, Assorted Korean Traditional Namulbap Pantry Herbs, Radish Leaves, Aster Scaber, Thistle Gondeurae, Chwinamul, Mustard Greens

PREMIUM BIBIMBAP VEGGIE MIX - (6) individually packages for Radish Leaves(30g), Aster Scaber(25g), Thistle Gondeurae(25g), Chwinamul(30g), Mustard Greens(25g), Mulberry Leaves(30g)

KOREAN INSPIRATION with PLANT-BASED NUTRITION - 100% natural dried vegetables take you to calm and peaceful Korea with balanced plant-based nutrition as well as rich flavor and tastes.

NATURALLY HEALTHY FOOD - basically rich in vitamins and protein. It has low calories, so it is highly utilized not only for vegetarians but also for those who want to maintain a healthy diet.

EASY to COOK and STORE: can be cooked without having to boil or soak. Simply rinse the veggies and cook with rice. Even Good for camping and traveling

VARIOUS RECIPES - can be used with a variety of foods such as green salads or noodles (pasta) depending on your favorites.