Duolac Gold Capsule Probiotics & Prebiotics Digestive Health & Gut Health Supplement - Guaranteed 10 Billion CFU Reach to The Gut Alive, Patented & Synbiotic for Healthy Microbiome, 30 Capsules

Duolac Gold Capsule Probiotics - the pinnacle of gut health support. Clinically proved our advanced formula is meticulously crafted to provide you with the perfect blend of probiotics and prebiotics, encased in a plant based capsule that signifies the premium quality within.

Key Features:

Guaranteed 10 Billion CFU for Maximum Potency: Each Duolac Gold Capsule packs a punch with 10 billion CFUs, ensuring a robust dose of probiotics for comprehensive support to your gut health.
Patented Dual Coating Technology: Experience the innovation of our patented dual coating, designed to protect the probiotics through the digestive journey and 10 billion CFUs are guaranteed to reach the gut alive.
Ideal Strain Balanced Formula considering the microbial environment in the intestine: Our unique blend consists of 53% lactobacillus and 47% Bifidobacterium, creating an ideal strain balanced formula that caters to the specific needs of both men and women. Achieve balance in your microbiome for optimal digestive wellness.
No Artificial Flavors or Additives: Duolac Gold Capsule Probiotics are committed to purity. We contain no artificial flavors or additives, providing you with a clean and natural supplement to support your digestive health journey.
Tailored for Men and Women: Recognizing the unique needs of each gender, our formula is carefully crafted to benefit both men and women. Experience digestive support tailored to your specific requirements.
Comprehensive Digestive Health Support: From aiding digestion to fostering a healthy gut flora, our probiotics and prebiotics work in harmony to support your overall digestive health. Feel the difference in your gut with Duolac Gold Capsule Probiotics.
Embrace the gold standard in digestive health with Duolac Gold Capsule Probiotics.
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