NEWTREE Ever Collagen Time Low Molecular Collagen Powder Stick | 뉴트리 에버콜라겐 타임 저분자 콜라겐 펩타이드 1000mg, 물없이 하루한포 한달분


Ever Collagen Time Collagen Powder,

Low Molecular Collagen Peptides Powder Stick Supplement
The first Dual Function Collagen in Korea, EVERCOLLAGEN

EVERCOLLAGEN can help skin health giving multiple benefits such as improving skin elasticity, moisturizing skin, and maintaining skin health from UV damage. EVERCOLLAGEN is a health functional food that contains Low Molecular Collagen Peptides of which dual function

* PREMIUM LOW MOLECULAR COLLAGEN PEPTIDES POWDER: A lower molecular weight allows the collagen peptides to be easily absorbed in the digestive tract, delivering the necessary amino acids and high concentrations of hydroxyproline-proline and hydroxyproline-glycine to enhance skin, joint and bone health.
* THE EASIEST WAY to TAKE COLLAGEN POWDER EVER: The slim and portable stick design allows you to take collagen powder with you anywhere, everywhere you want. Unlike other collagen powder, you can take it anytime WITHOUT WATER.
* FOR HEALTHY AND YOUTHFUL HAIR, SKIN, AND NAIL: Keeps skin elasticity, improves skin moisture level, fights against the sign of lines and wrinkles, as well as maintains hair, skin, nail health. Just take 1 stick a day and you feel the difference!
* FOR BONES AND JOINTS: Builds bone density, repairs tissues, supports healthy cartilage, maintains joints mobility and flexibility, and relieves joint pain and stiffness.
* Net Wt. 90g. (3g x 30 Sticks). Take 1 stick a day.
* Refreshing Kalamansi apple flavored